DFS Coaching

Joe is a former Division I and pro hockey player who spent time in the New York Rangers and Anaheim Ducks minor league affiliates in the ECHL. He is known throughout the industry for unique statistical analysis in DFS and using metrics to leverage success from contrarian options.

He was nominated as the 2016-17 NHL Writer of the Year by the Fantasy Sports Writing Association and his work is now primarily located on 4for4.com and FantasyLabs.com. Joe has also been featured on Rotoworld, Footballguys, and many other fantasy outlets such as his own website predictivefantasysports.com.

Now that Joe’s hockey career has come to end, he is now a full-time football writer/analyst in addition to coaching people weekly in DFS. His approach to NFL/NHL DFS is based heavily on proven predictive statistics, analytics, and game selection with a specialty in higher-stakes and small field GPPs.

Though knowledgeable at all positions, as the creator of the Rushing Expectation running back methodology, Joe has carved out a unique niche in the community for predicting success and evaluating running back talent. He invented the “expected success rate (eSR)” metric that uses data from every NFL play since 2000 and ultimately separates offensive line play from running back talent, one of the hardest things quantify in analytics.

Coaching sessions with Joe can include, but are not limited to:

  • Both NFL and NHL coaching
  • Assessment of your own personal risk tolerance and DFS goals
  • Bankroll management and game selection concepts
  • Lineup-building techniques for all game types
  • Position-specific weekly research and how to sift through narratives
  • Game theory
  • Weekly lineup and bankroll reviews
  • Identifying Cash Game Plays vs. GPP plays
  • Vegas concepts and how to best leverage them
  • Help you develop your own effective and repeatable research process

Joe’s coaching rate includes all necessary pre-session reviews of your game and gives you access to Joe for any questions leading up to each week’s or day’s slate of games.

Hourly Rate: $99.00 (bulk rates available)

Please sign up @RosterCoach